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We welcome fresh, insightful, and original articles from lawyers, law students, and other contributors. To submit your article(s) to us, email it to But we require you to follow the guidelines below:

Guidelines for Article Submission to Nigerian Law Today
Nigerian Law Today (NLT) was set up to make recent developments in Nigerian law more accessible and visible on the Internet. NLT publishes fresh, insightful, and original articles on Nigerian law.

1. Write clearly, concisely, and cogently:
 a. Use simple words and short sentences to difficult words and long sentences.
 b. Prefer active voice like I wrote the article to passive voice like The article is written by me.
 c. Avoid archaic and antiquated expressions.
 d. Avoid abuse of such, said, same, hereof, thereof, etc.
 e. Be concise. Focus on what is relevant to your topic.
 f. Use headings and subheadings to organize your thoughts.
 g. Organize your paragraphs in a way that logically leads to the other.
2. Do not shout at your readers:
a. Avoid boldface, CAPITAL LETTERS, underlining, and italicise sparingly.

b. Case names can be italicised, but names of statutes should not.

c. Do not also write names of statutes in CAPITAL LETTERS or italicise them. Title of your article should not also be in CAPITAL LETTERS.
3. Length and Format:
 a. Articles should be between 3-5 pages of Word document. Provide copy as a ‘Word Document’ (‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ files are suitable).
 b. Format copy as ‘Times New Roman 12’ (viewed at 100%), single-spaced, and in single column.
 c. NLT provides images for your articles, if accepted and published. If you have preferred images for your article, attach the image separately in high-resolution ‘jpeg’ format. Please include the source of the image or copyright information, as appropriate. NLT respects copyright.
4. Submission: Submit your article(s) to NLT will confirm your submission within 24 hours. Article review may take up to 7 days. Then we will contact you for approval, if we decide to publish your article.
5. Because NLT is a legal-content publisher, we require contributors to be lawyers, law researchers, law students, or law teachers, but we also welcome contributions from law-firm managers, legal analysts, law-industry players and partners, and para-legals. If you don’t fall into any of the categories we have mentioned here, please ask us first. Send your short biography along with your article to us. We will consider your request and get back to you within 48 hours.
6. Articles that are longer than 5 pages of Word document should be edited by the author to the accepted length and resubmitted.
7. Unsolicited articles should include an outline of the proposed article – a five or six-point summary is alright.
8. Authors must tell us their legal qualifications and level of expertise in the area of law on which they are writing.
9. Submitted articles should be contemporary and relevant.
10. Write in plain English. NLT encourages contributors to write in plain English. So avoid being overly academic in your writing style. We discourage legalese and verbosity.
11. NLT does not republish articles already published in journals, newspapers, magazines, and legal-publishing sites, except in rare cases with author’s permission.
12. Author’s Biography: Please include your biography at the bottom of your article in this way: Contributor’s Name, Firm’s, Institution’s, or Organization’s Name, and other relevant information about you. We ask that you keep it short. The editors reserve the right to trim your bio.
13. Use footnotes or endnotes in your article only when it is absolutely necessary. We prefer any judicial, statututory, academic, or editorial authorities you cite to be nicely worked into the body text of the article. Where appropriate, include at the end of your article:
a. relevant case citations
 b.. relevant legislation, or
 c. literature and/or web addresses. Please double check that reference numbers within the text correspond with references in the endnotes.
Note: By submitting your article to NLT, we do not guarantee that your article will be published. If approved for publication, we do not also guarantee when it will be published. Approved articles may take within 1-4 weeks. NLT’s Editorial Team and the editor reserve the right to decide whether an article will be published or not. If you article is rejected, NLT will inform you and does not have to provide reasons.
14. Publication Process: Your contribution will be reviewed by NLT’s Editorial Team. It will assess the article’s appropriateness for NLT, its legal merit, relevance, and adherence to NLT’s Article Submission Guidelines. We will contact you to advise whether your article is chosen for publication or not. If your article is chosen for publication but needs review, we will email a reviewed version of your article to you containing the changes we made and a clean version as well. If you agree with our review, we will schedule your article for publication. But if you do not agree with our review, you are entitled to edit it and resubmit it to us for consideration.
15. Contact the Editorial Team if you wish to republish elsewhere an article already published in NLT. It is only in exceptional cases we refuse permission. Editors can be contacted at Here are links to two published articles just to give you an idea of our style:
Published 14 August 2016