Happening now in the city of Port Harcourt where a few members of the Eastern Bar Forum (EBF) are trying to adopt a candidate for the post of the President of the Nigerian Bar Association, a motion has just been raised and some lawyers opposed it. A good number of them who do not support it have staged a walkout.

NBA Elections: Why Eastern Bar Forum’s Adoption of a Sole Candidate Will Not Be in Electorates’ Best Interests

JUST IN: The EBF has gone ahead to adopt Arthur Obi Okafor with the few members remaining at the meeting after the walkout. At a time when the NBA ban is yet to be lifted, it is shocking to see EBF adopting a candidate. Lawyers must learn to live by the law.

The members who walked away comprising of predominantly southsouth lawyers are converging to form another Association.


Update on this coming soon …

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