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Becoming an NLT contributor is not just all about publishing articles, but also about powering your career with quality legal contents. So if you don’t just want to submit an article but join our team of legal expertise growing their profiles with NLT daily, become a contributor.

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But becoming an NLT contributor is not just for anyone. We require you to email your resume to as an attachment. Please accompany your resume with a cover letter telling us:

  1. why you want to become an NLT contributor;
  2. what area of law you wish to major on;
  3. when we should be expecting your first article (if your request is accepted); and
  4. how you got to know about us.

You must agree to our terms first.

Below are the contents of the Contributor Agreement Form we will require you to sign if we accept your request to join us. Please read it carefully. If there is any part of the form you don’t agree with, please save our time and yours by not bordering to email your request to us.

Contributors Agreement Form


  • Work (working title)
  • Contributor (you)
  • Author (you)
  • Publication ( and other electronic platforms including social media for promotion purposes)
  • Publisher (Nigerian Law Today)


  1. You agree to be a contributor on Nigerian Law Today (NLT).
  2. You grant to NLT an exclusive, royalty-free worldwide licence for the full period of copyright to publish or make your work available on NLT’s website and promote your work on other sites owned, managed, or hosted by or on NLT’s behalf from time to time. 
  3. For the purpose of publishing your work, NLT shall be entitled to store or edit your work.  Copyright and all other rights in any stored or edited work vest in you.
  4. NLT credits you as author of your work each time we publish your work unless you notify us otherwise.  We shall inform any third-party publisher who publishes or posts your work on NLT’s behalf of this obligation. But NLT will not be liable if third-party publishers fail to comply with this obligation.
  5. By submitting your work to NLT, you represent and warrant to NLT that you are the sole copyright owner of the work. You represent and warrant to NLT that you have not granted to any rights in the work or any to any third party in any way that may affect NLT’s use of your work. You are also warrant that your work is original to you and that the use of your work does not infringe the rights of any third party.  You do not warrant that the work may be relied upon by readers or any other persons as legal advice or an accurate and complete statement of relevant legal and regulatory principles and practice in the area you write on.
  6. NLT has no obligation to publish or otherwise use your submitted work. NLT reserves absolute discretion as far as editorial and publishing decisions are concerned.
  7. If NLT approves your submitted work for publication on NLT website, NLT does not guarantee when your work will be published.
  8. When your work is published, NLT will put effort into promoting your work on its social-media channels. You agree to support NLT’s effort by also promoting your work on your social-media channels, if any.
  9. This Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria.
  10. By completing and submitting this agreement form to NLT, you agree to the terms above.

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